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Pro Plan dog food

Range of products

Purina have been around a long time. Their history is summed up on their website as follows:

'In December 2001, Nestlé S. A. completed the acquisition of the Ralston Purina Company and began the process of integrating their Friskies Petcare business with Ralston Purina to create the world's leading petcare company, Nestlé Purina PetCare.

'Friskies had over 70 years of pet care experience, about the same as Ralston Purina, and now that wealth of knowledge, all based around understanding and meeting the needs of pets and their owners, is being combined to enhance pet nutrition and continue to provide the finest quality pet foods.' 

There is a wide range of products for all ages of dog from puppy to senior, and these days they are preserved using natural antioxidants, and do not contain colourings.

Recipes and ingredients

Purina are huge suppliers of Soya, and therefore it's not a surprise to find that it crops up in their products, along with wheat, and un-named animal fat which may put some off who are looking for a natural hypo-allergenic product.

Prices and value for money

Expect to pay £39 for a 14kg sack of their standard recipe, and £35 for 10kg of the Duo Delice. So they are not cheap recipes when compared with many brands that are free of wheat and soya.

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Our Star Rating

Based not just on quality of ingredients, but if it seems to offer value for money!

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Product examples

Pro Plan Dog Medium Original 14kg

Pro Plan dog food


Dehydrated poultry protein, Wheat, Maize, Chicken (14%), Animal fat, Dried beet pulp, Soya meal, Maize grits, Rice (4%), Digest, Gluten, Minerals, Fish oil.


Protein 25%,  Fat 15%, Fibre 7.5%

PRO PLAN Duo Delice Adult Dog Salmon and Rice 10kg

Pro Plan dog food


Ingredient(s): Salmon (15%), Wheat, Maize, Dehydrated poultry protein, Maize grits, Wheat gluten meal, Animal fat, Dried beet pulp, Rice (4%), Digest, Minerals, Propylene glycol, Dried egg, Malt flour.


Protein 25%, Fat 16%, Fibre 2%

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